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SEO Job : PageRank Is Dead


PageRank is already dead. And the SEO Job world is continuously changing – especially however when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), notching and optimization.

As a business, we’ve had some time to get in tune. John Mueller publicized in 2013 that Google would no longer be modernizing Toolbar PageRank — and its system for placing web pages based on value. In the two years from the time when that bomb dropped, we’ve redefined the spirit of what is really important when it comes to SEO optimization, and a new scoring model has arose: which is trust flow.

So what does this mean to your digital advertising strategy? Briefly, you want to make sure your website is connecting to other high-quality digital advertising websites. Here are some other important stuffs to know about trust flow.

  1. PageRank may be dead, but keywords will live.

After the change to quality content and backlinking, a number of marketers have declared that keywords are dead. But in truth, it’s more significant now than ever to exercise good keyword usage — or to use words suitable to your niche and audience.

  1. When it approaches to backlinks, quality is more vital than quantity.

We all know that constructing content frequently is high on Google’s list of demands, but generating relevant and topical content is more significant.

By making content for your market — i.e., bringing messages that is on topic and geared toward addressing audience requirements, you’ll attract more appropriate users to your site and enjoy a bump in authority score on the specific topic in question.

  1. Like PageRank, trust flow requires measurement.

As marketers, measurement is the key to showing our achievement and — more significantly — duplicating our hard work in the future. Similar to PageRank, trust flow can and must be measured. This means you have to track and analyze the trust flow score (or page strength) related with the URLs linked in your content.

Some free trust flow tracking possibilities are available, as well as add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox and Website SEO Checker’s Quotation Flow and Trust Flow Checker.


Ultimately, with trust flow developing as the leading driver of search ranking, social media marketers must concentrate on linking to quality sites to stay on top. This means their content marketing approach have to include linking to web pages that have high up-to-date trust flow scores or established authority in the required niche.

SEO News: Jason R. Rich- Strategies for Promoting Your YouTube Videos


By SEO News Staff Reporter: David K.


In his well-known book “Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business”, publicizing and public relations advisor Jason Rich show you how to discover major secrets of effective “YouTubers”. Thus you can put your brand, manufactured goods or service in front of billions of prospective viewers. In this edited quote, the author summaries 12 conducts you can promote and market your small industry YouTube videos.

SEO News

When it comes to advertising and promoting your small-business YouTube videos, keep an eye on these 12 basic approaches:

  1. Provide a full and accurate title and explanation to each of your videos, and subordinate tags (keywords) that are openly relevant.
  2. Put a call to action within your videos to inspire people to like, rate or comment on and share your videos.
  3. Initiate by promoting your videos to the general public you know, as well as your real-life friends, relatives, consumers and clients. Ask them  to watch your video and share them with their online networks.
  4. Take benefit of the power and competences of the online social media sites to promote your videos. As a representative for your company, for instance, become active on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, in addition to other relevant social media site (all of them matters!).  Create an online presence for your company on Facebook, G+ and/or Pinterest, and then use that presence to sponsor your videos.
  5. Include your videos into your own business’s site and blog.
  6. Share links en route for your videos with your present customers or clients via email.
  7. Use public relations methods, such as using press releases to interact bloggers, publishing supervisors, reporters and producers. Do these in order to produce free media coverage for your videos in mainstream media, along with in blogs that cater to your target customers.
  8. Get your videos registered with the main search engines, containing Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and then focus on SEO approaches to get the best potential listing placements.
  9. Try to work together on videos with other businesses that are already utilizing YouTube successfully and that are targeting the similar audience, but that are not in direct rivalry with you.
  10. Start upholding your YouTube channel within your business’s printed catalogs, flyers, and sales materials, along with its existing old-style advertising.
  11. Think through paying for keyword advertising on Google+, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook. Google AdWords for Video is as well a very cost-effective and influential tool for promoting YouTube videos.

And last but not list, if you have a broad financial plan, get a professional YouTube video marketing company to help you plan and go through an online promotional campaign for your videos.

So try these cool tips, and do let us know your real life experiences in the comments.




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SEO899 Team

Expert Advises on The Essentials of a SEO Marketing Team

Whether the aim is leads, sales or brand promotion, the mission of every online marketing team is to significantly improve results. Over the past years, I have operated with over two thousand businesses and some of the finest online marketing teams of the world. There is an outline of how those teams are put together; and one of the most vital aspects is the variety of the team members skill sets.

SEO marketing is consistently generating and distributing info that is valuable and appropriate to those people within a small industry’s target audience. And online marketing experts need a variety of different skills to be able to grow campaigns efficiently. And here is how the experts think about the important skills every online marketing team must have.

  1. Web designing.

A designer of online advertising campaigns has to create illustrations that sell and signify the brand at the same time. Web design is often outsourced. But even then, the person who is able to manage the outsourced design tasks has to determine the quality of the design. Finally, he must have a general outline of what to look for.

  1. Handling social media.

Mixing the organic presence of the brand with paid advertisings is often needed. Your future customers may visit your Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and other social media pages earlier before making up their mind to buy whatever you are trying to sell.

  1. Acquainted with Google AdWords and Bing.

Paid search is yet a top priority for companies that serve an existing demand. People actively searching for an item or service are much more probable to purchase than people who are inactively exposed to an ad.

  1. Being familiar with SEO.SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is generally assumed to support paid search, particularly when it comes to Google AdWords. One part of SEO is to tactically insert relevant keywords on web pages. The price of Google AdWords is inclined by something known as the “quality score”. And the higher the score, the cheaper the ad is. Nevertheless, being familiar with such SEO strategies is a must for almost any type of worker in a marketing department.

  1. Programming.

A minimum of rudimentary programming skills is important, especially for businesses with multiple physical locations and ecommerce businesses. One examples of a condition where programmers are needed is to routinely insert the name of the closest city on the landing page determined by the IP address of the website visitor.


Ultimately, by staying on the cliff of updates, businesses can beat their opponents effectively by getting a better marketing team. So, don’t forget to check and train your team members.


News By: Terry G.