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iOS 9 Ad Blockers: Reason of a new SEO Quake!

The Web has been lively the last few months with talk of Apple’s current backing of mobile ad blockers. By means of the issue of iOS 9, billions of iPhone and iPad users can at present block ads in the Safari browser. And they seem to be doing exactly that.

Ad-blocking apps maxed out at the Apple Store download list in only one day after i0S 9 got released. This is in fact no surprise in view of how these apps tout their capability to enhance mobile web browsing by smacking online ads that eat up data and reduce the speed of web pages.

SEO Quake

What Marketers Have to Distinguish

Be aware, Ad blockers block further than only ads to cause a major SEO quake. On top of stopping the showing of mobile ads, iOS 9 ad blocker apps can conflict with other sorts of content, for instance analytics tracking. This shows that marketers will have a tougher time gathering data on user actions, which is often vital to campaign optimization.

What Marketers have to do

As a start, make your ads informative, not disturbing or annoying. Why would people block your ads? Well, they do so for the reason that they aren’t willing to view disturbing pop-up ads or ads with automatic audio. According to some data by TapInfluence’s “The State of Ad Block, 2015”, a lot of people are okay with ads that are informative and different- meaning appropriate static ads or video ads which can be skipped. Ultimately, these ads don’t conflict too much with the browsing experience.


News By: Alicia Henderson

SEO Services Continues to Grow

Search engine optimization (shortly known as SEO) is the development of increasing the visibility of a site or a web page in a search engine’s organic results. Organic results are unpaid search results, and they are also referred to as “regular,” “natural,” or “genuine” results.
In the middle of 2013, news went viral that SEO services won’t be able to last. But why? Because search engines, especially Google, continues to launch new algorithm updates every once in a while. So people though SEO efforts will go into vain if Google continues to build stronger and more suspicious algorithms. It’s true that the past algorithms were spot on and did hurt some businesses.  But that’s nothing but collateral damage. Why? Well, those algorithms were built to filter poor quality contents and spams. Hence, they started to drop the ranking of such sites with keywords stuffed or poor contents. But in its way, some sites were hurt due to a few errors, resulting a terror that Google is banning paid marketing and SEO tactics. In reality, Google only banned foul contents which included some good sites by mistake.

SEO Services
Nora Thomas is a professional SEO, living on this profession for many eras. We conducted a short interview with Nora to consult these issues. According to Nora, “The main problem is we think that SEO is all about promoting contents virally so that it gets more signal and response, as they do not get enough of that at the present for being poor quality. SEO is actually like a uniform. You maintain this uniform so that the search engine robots can notice your content, which are good quality and informative. On the other hand, SEO not a magic trick or something you can be 100% sure of. So you cannot use it to guarantee your position in the search result page, nor can it improve the quality of your content. In a nutshell, if you provide quality content and optimize them for the search engines properly, they will automatically generate more audience and eventually lead to new sales, client, customer or maybe a subscriber of your blog.
This is why, SEO was an art, it presently is, and it will continue to be. Searching for a specific thing online is a common habit of ours, and that’s why SEO endures to grow in a superior way, filtering bad contents and black SEO tactics. It will continue to do so, and will rise day by with the progression of our technologies and lifestyles, because “strength and growth comes through continuous struggle and progression” – just like Napoleon Hill said.


Webiner Collected By: Terry Dobson

End of the year: Re-think your SEO Strategy

In recent times, Google has made some big ups and downs in how it ranks websites. This left enterprise businesses with the difficult job of reworking their (SEO) strategy from corner to corner of teams and departments.

Here are a few latest SEO strategy for enterprise businesses, based on the experience of experts working with brands similar to Coca Cola, Target and IBM, and concentrating on the key factors that matter furthermost for search engine results.

SEO Strategy

  1. Re-think your keyword approach: Some may claim that keyword research is a disappearing art, but it only turn out to be a more complicated one. Rendering to Google’s research, approximately 70% of the engine’s searches are for replacements of keywords; but not exact keywords that Google must classify and understand to direct the user to the accurate place.
  2. Keep your contents updates: Creating content for SEO may feel like old school for your content department, which is why it’s vital to bring them updated on Google’s changing prospects for optimal content. Researchers have detected a number of content factors that affected rank in 2015. This includes word count, how keywords are circulated, internal links and the usage of header or tags/meta-tags.
  3. Improve user experience: User experience (UX) is an additional area that’s manipulating search engines. Cross platform compatibility & website speed have equally been shown to move search rank. But your enterprise teams will as well have to take care of more nuanced UX variables, similar to proper content structure and useful interior linking.
  4. Re-structure your link building strategy: Link building tactics, for example listing your site on directories, publishing links on low quality (Web 2.0) sites, or putting links in forum comments will no longer help to rank. On the contrary it can actually lead to penalties in Google search. That being said, the value of genuine, high quality credentials and mentions is greater than ever before. That’s why it’s significant to have nonetheless a few people on your team who are frequently reaching out to publishers and supporters in your industry, building associations and earning high-quality links over and done with valuable references and citations on their platforms.
  5. Get professional help if necessary: Having somebody in charge of developing and upholding a local search presence gives enterprise businesses a valuable advantage. In detail, assign somebody inside or on the outside to update and maintain local listings on your site; and on third party platforms similar to social media or review sites.

As 2016 appears closer, new data will remain to shed light on which SEO aspects your business should concentrate. The most imperative thing you can do is to carry on with this research and actively distribute new information to important team members all over your company.


News By: Benedette Johnson

Google Introduces RankBrain: A SEO Checker Ai

Google is always looking to offer more relevant results for its users — from now, the regular algorithm updates that often frustrate webmasters and anybody else’s SEO struggles.

The search engine leader recently revealed a new AI (yes, which stands for artificial intelligence) known as RankBrain. This Ai helps the engine to better comprehend the queries users type into the search field. The actual intention of this AI wasn’t to alter the visitors search engine results pages (SERPs); on the contrary, it is to forecast them.

SEO Checker

By way of being a machine-learning system, RankBrain in fact teaches itself how to do something as an alternative of needing a human to program it. Elaborately, RankBrain will advantage Google to offer valuable results for search enquiries that it hasn’t encountered in the past.

New search inquiries account for about 15% of total queries that Google gets. This poses an important challenge to the engine to deliver relevant results, compared to known queries. At the moment, RankBrain is here to solve this problem; so brands that depend on SEO checker would do well to understand the influence of this new AI.

RankBrain is not actually a new algorithm. It is rather one of the hundreds of signals that structure an algorithm. It examines web pages related to every probable search query and has the capability to make connections amongst and among different words or expressions, so that the algorithms used can offer the most appropriate search results.


News By: Larry Foster