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SEO News: Just “Swipe” for The New Google Mobile Updates 2012

By our SEO News correspondent, Matt Thomas.


If you never heard of, but that would be tremendously helpful Google rolled out an update to a mobile application. Gesture Search is now more than 40 languages ​​and rub an application that can understand the question, Google Google has announced that this week.

For those of us who are not familiar with the gesture search, users simply Android devices, contacts, applications, music, free access to the application documents and a finger tip on the screen of their Android-powered devices will be able to get a letter or number stored in the other whatever . You swipe the letter C, for example, the camera in the search results, Google’s Chrome browser will be able to turn back the clock on your device.


Voice control can be used to search the gesture is sometimes an option might be less disruptive than others on the arduous task of typing is a small screen.

Application to individual users based on their previous findings made itself. It makes every gesture user media and its consequences. With the sounds of their own alphabet to write a word in another language, which allows users to update the app, support transliteration.

One drawback: the user, then a return to the traditional method of scrolling, forcing users can search only their initial swipe gesture, you can enter the first character of a search.

Users of the keyboard app, swipe gesture, mounted in the same way that many Android devices enables users to create messages. IOS users, and information instead of typing them out of a similar application that allows users to TouchPal, free to create applications swipe of their finger.

Developing sites that are not indexed can decrease SEO Ranking

According to the latest ranking algorithms are analyzed, in which the search engine results pages, the web pages of listings alerts, direct drag.

This site represents a significant weak spot. Search engine spiders to index your site effectively, you can attract the right kind of traffic from search. Various things can prevent a website from SEO Ranking properly, but the most common are the following:

  • The images will die. Search engine spiders can not read text in images that are to be included. If such information is indexed, such as the name or title of your site is as important components, you can save the image.
  • Flash animations. Flash animation is struggling to digest the information stored in the search engine, so use them sparingly.
  • JavaScript and other code elements. These features can offer great functionality, but they will not be indexed. Your site’s robot.txt file format is an alternative to text-based version of the show (or your Java code instead of elements) to block search engine spiders indexing problem.


Failure to update your site regularly.

Outdated content and lower back and will be able to reduce the perceived value of your site visitors and sales declined. Search engine, as well as fresh concerns about your content. US search queries, Google recently updated your site in order to help them refreshed with new postings.

Targeting Search Engine instead of focusing on your audience.

Search engine optimization is important to your audience, you need time. And your site and engage readers and to the point and will not undermine the quality of your content, and stick around on your SEO activities.



Quality Contents and Safeguarding your Site Rank

Your business, professional, and only what is relevant to the client to create content for your website. If you are a plumber, for example, if you do not need to talk about your site and hotels. Google’s eyes, a waste site that contains content about the hotel can be confusing. The reliability of your site in the search engines in your market, you have to be seen as someone else’s.

Google has confirmed the quality of the user experience you and your customers and see if that will reward your site with Google. Your business site, content written for your business goals and to keep in mind the needs of your customers. Are you the owner of a pet store, for example, if you say “I want to buy a puppy.” Around like puppies, and you can often sell the sound of it and the kind of food you get is a husband and wife, it should be and what type of shot name – but one sinner who wants to know everything about buying a puppy.


Customers, “I want to buy a puppy.” Above all, you want to know when they should be looking for key phrases, but they are all different things. Many of them create a link, or make sure people will not look normal. With the intent of the main links for the search engines and the users, build.

Create useful content to your customers in every aspect of life, as well as around the sinner. You can help your site that you want to buy a puppy is a key word for those businesses flock to the authorities and show that Google is perfect.

Some business owners include a link to their website and comment spam sites around the Internet decide to pay for those services. When customers or potential customers think of those links when you add written comments to the weak links on your site that is spreading across other sites related to your business idea, your site rank will be damaged.