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Yes, Guest blog posting is still a viable SEO strategy for your business growth

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web spam team and industry experts in a recent blog post that there are some internet marketers Tizzy.

Information content and Google’s algorithms in order to be able to have direct access to the details Katz, a search engine from a website that lists ranks when speaking, as it’s close. So, of course, throughout the world, experts are taking note. But do not jump to any conclusions.

A little background: a beloved guest blog tactic is used many SEO professionals, myself included. The concept is simple. Google, the links that point to your website from other websites, and use that information to determine when and where the search engines to see your website. High quality, and that many high-quality inbound links to your website has a lot of links from websites with all other things being equal, often from websites that rank higher than a rival.

SEO Rank

It does not pay much attention to the quality of the links that Google used, but it should be a lot of updates to the low quality, and lower-ranked suspects with links to the past few years, bought a lot of punishment.

Katz is looking at the problem of abuse of this practice. It’s just a stretch of New York, there is no connection between the two sites, and is not, in Salt Lake City hotel is a self-storage website, and it is to be read in a blog post that will confuse people.

I’ll find a link to my client, but if you like space and my clients, boosts, who cares? Google, he thought, if you do not collect the ranking of a website in search engine algorithms to help people in any sense. So do not open the door to competitors to provide the best results, search results will be reduced

Google and other search engine results you want users to search and hope their purpose, and that more people need to be invent a new era of SEO Strategy.

Experts Recommend To Focus on Marketing for SEO Rank

Search engine algorithms and SEO rank to change consumer habits in particular, is very important. Consumers are looking for less information and are less likely to be directly involved in this business. In fact, 16.9 percent of consumers today, most of the biggest and most emerging digital marketing channel search, and then begin to search for their discovery.

The main goal of SEO when they search, so it has been found to be a consumer, your content can be easily understood by the people and to make sure that the search engine algorithms. This approach is the most advanced, they reported that a person should not be accepted in the same way.


SEO is not a one-time action, remember – that search algorithms are constantly changing, requires constant maintenance. Google last year, the high quality and the increasing importance of media-rich content to its search algorithm changes. SEO marketers dedicated resources, their content seems endless mass marketing content to waste on a daily basis were not made.

If consumers really could not find the value of your content, no matter your SEO program that is being carried out, the lack of your marketing! It is important to dedicate time and resources as well as useful and engaging content that marketers craft. If possible, a marketing department to have a team dedicated to creating content. This group should focus on a unique perspective not only meet consumer demand for certain types of content, the conversation is inspired.

To achieve the best results closely integrated with quality content and SEO today, be careful.



Experts advised to create SEO friendly websites


All the search engines you are trying to access your content, if not SEO friendly, will not say a thing to buy your stuffs. One important way that we must search for the architecture, to ensure that this does not happen.

To understand this issue, they also need to know how to generate code that will draw in search engine result pages will be displayed on their website. Google and other Web search engines do not have teams of people every single page Archive. With that automatic robot to move in a site and store information in their database code – it’s “Spider” is called, depending on the project.


Inconsistent linking practices.

To create this link, you name it, you’ll want to be careful about. Again, the search engines do not apply to you to see what is meant by the verdict of the people, because of their spider programs index URL “” and “” two separate pages – even the same Links to both the live audience.

Turning block error, you have to create the path and name of the corresponding links. If you make a mistake in the past, “non-www” as your URL to search engine spiders, “www” Both versions use 301 redirects to tell you that as well.

Redirect the wrong direction.

Failure to do so in the future turning point for the error and corrected the link, if you’ve spent the time to achieve the benefits provided by the backlinks can reduce. Both rankings in search engine results can be minimized worked hard to create this problem.