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Future of SEO: Google Will Only Appreciate Quality

In this year of SEO chatters and conference, the best method seems to be focusing on the quality of your site in manners of visitor engagement, content value and other on-site stuffs, which is as an alternative to over doing complex SEO techniques intended to boost rankings.

Another interesting SEO factor that you can expect to be important in future ranking algorithm updates is the amount of visitor engagement happening on a site. As Google boosts the sites that its users will find useful, one might presume that sites that show high engagement will be rewarded in the upcoming updates.


Some news say, the proper metrics that the Google can pick up and track in order to calculate visitor engagement aren’t instantly apparent. As a common rule, a few of the specific term webmasters would focus on are the presence of customer reviews, blog comments and social networking follow-ups.

Even though Google didn’t hide any of its desire to reward high-value content with top search rankings, a lot of webmasters yet rely on keyword-optimized or copied-and-pasted articles to fill their pages.

Experts say that if your site wasn’t impacted by the Panda or Penguin updates, you shouldn’t think that you’re safe. Google has made every sign that it wants to flush out low value results from the search results. Making sure your content quality up now provides one of the best chances to protect your site from future penalties.

SEO For Dummies: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Google and other search engines update their algorithms of the search engine optimization (SEO) can be hard to stay current with best practices. Backlinks should still be a priority? Google Penguin update, how do I lose because it can stop traffic?

But no matter how the search engine ranking formula that you should avoid, how much there is to change the basic mistakes in SEO for dummies? Here are five common errors and you will see some advice on how to avoid them:


Failing to conduct proper keyword research.

Keywords takes place on the Internet. They will only be displayed on the search engine results that are relevant to the question of the website.

The content on the Internet, are going to do in terms of research than the sound post, you can reduce your chances of search results to generate traffic.

The lower the value of building backlinks.

Link Building However, you need to keep up the standard size, can be an important part of online marketing. Backlinks lower price – spam sites, the links to inappropriate sites or sites with built – especially after the recent Google Penguin update affects the SEO of your site.

Google Penguin is an algorithmic change designed to weed out spam sites in search results. And a site marked as spam a site’s backlinks are thought to play a role in the repression of the main factors.

If you follow the steps, but really focus on delivering value to the people who come to your site SEO is established. Your final task will be to their satisfaction and you will be rewarded with higher search rankings and increase revenue opportunities for both.

Why You Should Consider SEO Content Marketing

Content marketing’s goal is to draw and maintain customers. The idea is to regularly creating and publishing related and quality content. This will give you the benefit of changing or increasing consumer activities. It is a continuing process that is best combined into your overall marketing plan. But ultimately, its goal is retaining the media, not hiring it.

Mainly, content marketing is the art of connecting with your customers and future clients without selling. Instead of selling your merchandises or services, you are providing info that makes your buyer smarter. The core of this content strategy is a belief. The belief is that if businesses deliver regular and quality information to buyers, they eventually return us with their business and reliability.


Marketing is nothing without great seo content

Irrespective of what sort of marketing campaigns you use, content marketing must be part of your master-plan, not something separate. And quality contents are part of all methods of marketing:


  • Social media marketing (SMM): Content marketing approach comes before your SMM plan.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engines cherishes businesses that publish quality and reliable content.
  • Page Rank (PR): Effective PR strategies publish contents readers are interested about, not their business.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): For PPC to work properly, you will need quality content behind it.
  • Inbound marketing: Interesting content is the key to drive inbound traffic to your site.


Content is King

Proper content should be at the center of your marketing. Customers have shut off the old-fashioned world of marketing. They got a DVR to skip TV ads and pay no attention to print media ads. And now they have become so skillful at web surfing that they can get online data without a care for ads or buttons (making them of no use). That’s why smart marketers know that traditional marketing is being less and less effective by the minute. And that there has to be a better approach.

At the end, go back and recite the content marketing meaning one more time, but this time take out the words quality and relevant. Businesses send us info all the time – it’s just that maximum of the time it’s not appropriate or useful. That’s what makes content marketing so important in today’s businesses. Good content marketing makes a person stop, read, consider and act differently.


Experts Advice To Prioritize Backlink Analysis

For those of you who want to pick up more about why your website is not ranking for your directed keywords. As a primary post about this topic, experts from google have been advising for quality backlinks and advanced backlink analysis.

By this time, you’ve perhaps heard or read that if you want to rank on Google, you must have backlinks. A backlink is a link commencing one site to another. In Google’s senses, backlinks are polls for your site.


Some professionals also told a thing or two about long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is a very precise phrase that gets searched for considerably less than a more competitive one. So if you got a site which sales dark chocolates with special tastes, a keyword like “dark chocolates” is too competitive. And it’s due to the amount of monthly searches and the large brands ranking in the top 10. But a long tail keyword like “special dark chocolates” is more precise and not as much of competitive. So the hint is you carefully write posts that aim at less competitive phrases. I joined a webinar recently. And a gentleman said he only goes for keywords that become searched for less than 100 times each month. And his site constantly gets 2,000 views per day using this technique.

Although you may only get 5 visits each day from these keywords, they are really easier to rank for. And if you recap the procedure across multiple keywords, the traffic enhances up over time.