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SEO Guidebook: Attracting SEO Clients

You might be a SEO mastermind. But if you are undertaking SEO for a living and you don’t know how to get clients, then nobody will appreciate your services. Eventually you will discover yourself have nothing to go with. In order to evade this, here are some strategies you need to know to obtain SEO clients.

Think two times, If You Actually Need to Cultivate Your SEO Occupational


  1. Get Mentioned and Recommended

The first method is to get mentioned and recommended. You can ask friends and associates to do it but your best recommendations are your previous clients.


  1. Check SEO Job Boards

SEO job boards, such as Craigslist, are huge openings to find new clients. You can place an advertisement offering your services. Or you can check advertisements of people who are seeking for SEO services.

  1. Get a Great Quality Site

Your site is a vital tool to find customers. You need to have a top-notch site. As no matter which channel you use to find customers, they will every time have a look at your site before employing you.


  1. Partner with a Web Designer or Developer

They can direct you clients and you can do the same with your clients. Especially those who require a fresh design or coding for their site.


  1. List Your Facilities and Rates Onsite

You can’t imagine how superbly this works! When customers are looking for SEO assistance and they see a tangible offer rather than the average. We are the supreme!!!!! Bla-bla-bla (and of course if your rates are reasonable). So, don’t be afraid but place your rates onsite.


  1. Propose Package Discounts and Subscriptions

You can also think through about offering package discounts and subscriptions. Subscriptions are worthy since they bring you a scheduled payment.



  1. Be Energetic on Social Media

Social media also give you a lot of publicity, so travel around them. Exclusively the SEO channels or niche networks on them.


  1. Do Follow-ups of Past Clients

Former clients are not gone! They can bring in new customers. Perhaps there is as a one-time customer who was satisfied but has forgotten about you. So if you run by again him or her moderately about your services, you might be fortunate to get a new client.


These strategies can bring you new clients if you are feeling down now. But actually it is more essential if you can hold these clients. It makes no sense to get new clients, if they leave you disappointed. Therefore, in addition to wondering how to find new customers, do some work to keep them- this is the key to a prosperous SEO business. And finally, “Stick with your hopes”, -Just like Theodore Roosevelt said.



SEO For Dummies: Reverse Interview With A Beginner

Search engine optimization is a good way to avoid spending money on advertising. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to reach a professional level. While walking in this way of challenges, people face some common difficulties. Here we have Steve J. Matthews who want to start his career with SEO. Let’s see what he has to ask about in our SEO for dummies session:


  1. I am searching for an SEO service that can get me the same exact links my competitor has. Is it possible?
  2. No. Doing precisely what your competitor is doing will continuously keep you one step back of him. Of course your competition should be in your target. But their achievement in rankings should not be the benchmark for yours.
  3. I know that content is the key. But I like my site just the way it is.
  4. If you are uncomfortable when it comes to modifications to your site, probabilities are that your site will not be able to climb rankings by much. If you keep doing what you have been doing earlier, you’ll keep getting the same outcomes.
  5. My pal just signed up for an SEO service. Now he is attaining 500 directory submissions each month. I want that too!
  6. SEO is not about capacity. No matter what price your pal is paying for those directory submissions, he is actually overpaying. And cheap SEO is even worse than no SEO at all.
  7. I know I don’t sell cars, but the word “cars” has a great volume of searches. So I would like to rank for that keyword for my tire shop.
  8. Even if you did rank for cars after costing a fortune on SEO, you would still have awful conversions. Because the people who search for “cars” are more likely to be searching for…you know…cars! (And not only the tires you are selling. They are looking for a complete car)


That’s concludes our session for this week. Let me tell u the key take outs here. Search engine optimization should never be the only means of advertising any company. Because search engine algorithms are in a continuous flow, and any one daily changes can effect a site’s ranking negatively. And it might even lead to a point where the entire site can be put in risk. So organic rankings should never be the only way of getting traffic for any site that is being run as a business. With that said, search engine optimization can subsidize greatly to almost any online advertising campaign.


New Features Keep Coming on Google+: Increase SEO Rank Today

Since their start at 2011, Google+ is now packed with new features this year. If you didn’t set up your Google+ account yet, now’s the perfect time to get active on Google’s social network. You can set up your own personal profile, start adding friends, family members and customers to your circles, and then share content on the site.

One of the most useful benefits to this transition will be the improved social sharing options available within the Google+ platform. You may only take advantage of this if you’re active on the community.


You can also contact all Gmail users on your email lists. Filter your email list to make a sub-list of customers with Gmail accounts, and afterwards send this group a message informing readers of your latest Google+ Local page. Be kind to request that they “+1” your page or maybe add you to their circles, since social signals like these plays a bigger role in SEO rank than ever.

Advance forward with proper local SEO practices. Anb right now, it doesn’t seem that this interface update has notably impacted the business of the search engine results pages. So as it’s important to consider the actions described above to get the best of your local SEO benefits, it’s also a good idea to press forward with any present marketing campaigns that follow current market’s and best practices.


SEO Experts on 2012 Optimization: The Do’s And Don’t

Search engines do their works as best as possible by bring up users to websites and content that is the most appropriate to what the user wants. So how does a search engine determines that?

What You Should Do

  1. Content: Is resolute by the subject that is being given, the writing on the page, and the headings and metaphors that are given.
  2. Speed: How wild (!) is your server and does it function properly?
  3. Authority: Does your site have worthy enough content to link to? Or do other convincing sites use your website as a mention or quote the info that’s available?
  4. User Experience: How is the site appearance? Is it relaxing to surf around? Is it safe? Does it have a major bounce ratio?


What You Should Not Do

  1. Keyword Bulk: Overdo of keywords on your contents.
  2. Bought Links: Purchasing links will get you nowhere while it comes to SEO, so be cautious.
  3. Poor User Experience: Make it cool for the user to surf around. Lots of ads and making it too hard for people to find content they’re searching for will only rise your bounce rate. If you identify your bounce rate, it will help to fix other info about your site. For instance, if it’s 70% or greater on your website, then probabilities are something is not right.

Search engine spiders only have a definite amount of data loading, so if you’re carrying out shady strategies or trying to hoax them, risks are you’re going to hurt yourself in the future run.

Optimize Carefully, Experts SEO Experts Say

Keyword stratagem is not only essential to implement on-site, but should cover to other off-site platforms, which is why you should also be intellectual about multi-channel optimization.

Being steady with keyword expressions within these platforms will not only help your branding struggles, but also train visitors to use particular phrases you’re optimizing for.

Your content on your site should have heading tags and Meta descriptions. Your Meta description should be distinctive and also express about that specific page. Identical Meta descriptions from page to page will get you nowhere.

SEO Pro David Mihm, an expert and legendary SEO, strongly recommends these to optimize properly.

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