2012 is not a Good Year for SEO Keyword Focused Page

2012 is not a Good Year for SEO Keyword Focused Page

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One of the key roles of SEO from the start has been to improve content to rank for keywords. Earlier, a lot of SEOs stated you to aim only one keyword per page in order to have it focused. The idea is to having a closely focused page on a specific theme.

Through the latest algorithm update, Google has mostly reconsidered how they want to consider pages and applied some innovative technology to do it. In its place of concentrating on the keywords themselves, the search engines are now watching at the concepts symbolized by the keywords. In an easy set of words, search engine spiders don’t look for SEO keywords that the page is placed for but for the content and concept.


While you optimize seo content for keywords, you’re being far-sighted. Remember, Google has contact to millions and millions of pages and their contents. And they have the work out power to examine that content to recognize what makes one page superior than another. If you want to rank for “Roller Skates,” but your content miss the mark to say much about stuffs that roller skates find important (other than they type of skates they use), you’re going to slip the mark by a long shot.

Remember that in order to rank for your particular keyword, you don’t have to write all pieces on your product. In actual fact, that may not work well for the viewer’s you’re trying to influence. Not everybody is ready for every skating guide to skate for street league and downhill skating. Decide what note you need to get your viewers to take the next step. And then put pen to paper the most convincing piece you can with that motivation.

Concentrate on the subject in relation to the visitor’s requirement. You can literally transcribe dozens of convincing pages on a solo topic, all with a touch of an altered focus. Every of those pages will rank for various sets of keywords. And that should connect straight into what type of content a specific searcher is searching for. And “always focus on the goal”, Just like Matt Cameron said.

Google identifies what’s essential to skaters because they’ve examined thousands of pages of content published by those very skaters. They recognize the language, the idiom, the stylishness and, eventually, what skaters want to see about their skates. Just echoing the word “Roller Skates” frequently just won’t help it.

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