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SEP Basics: All About Sitemaps

Sitemaps are not something very big. They have always been a slice of best Web design practices. But with the acceptance of sitemaps by search engines, now they have become even more essential. Yet, it is essential to make a clarification that if you are involved in sitemaps mostly from a SEO point of view, you can’t go on with the conventional sitemap only. Currently Yahoo! and MSN still keep to the typical html format. But, Google Sitemaps uses a special (XML-Extended Markup Language) format that is not the same as the ordinary html sitemap for human visitors.


One may ask why two sitemaps are needed. The answer is clear – one is for humans, the extra is for spiders. For now mostly it’s about Googlebot, but it is practical to assume that other crawlers will join the party very shortly. According to that, it is essential to clarify that having two sitemaps is not considered as duplicate content. In “Introduction to Sitemaps”, Google clearly says that sitemap using will by no means lead to penalty for your site.

Sitemaps also help in categorizing your site content. Well, search engines are by no means held responsible to classify a page. As belonging to a particular classification or as matching a specific keyword only because you have told them so isn’t reasonable either.




How to Get Sales Lead With SEO Lead Valodation

Most digital marketing promotions — SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), display marketing etc. fail to validate conversions. This puts an extra load on the sales force. And it decreases productivity and close rates. Adding a validation procedure into your operations will make your sales team much more effective.


What Is Lead Validation?

A usual digital advertising campaign tracks conversions. When somebody clicks on your link an organic search result of google, an SEO conversion is logged. When somebody phones your office using a phone number showed on your Bing Ad, a PPC conversion is logged. At the end of the month, a report is created which shows how many conversions were logged. Sales and marketing workers review these reports and make choices about how to modify them for better results.

Very few firms validate leads, which is unlucky but reasonable. Validation is boring, time consuming and never finishing. But fascinatingly, very few firms are very good about the value and amount of their online leads. And very few feel that they are getting the best out of their digital advertising investment. But why? Because, validation is an important element. Add it to your advertising and sales strategies. Then gain the benefits from your more dedicated marketing and sales teams.



The Ugly Sides of SEO

SEO is a very popular career among job-seekers. And truly, this career can change of life. But besides its good side, SEO profession has some ugly sides as well. Let me explain to you about that:

Dependent on search engines

It is true that in any job, there are many things which can be out of your control. But for SEO this is a law number one. Search engines regularly change their algorithms. And the worst part is – these changes are not published in public. So sometimes the supreme SEO specialists admit that they make a lot of guesses about how stuffs work. It is really discouraging to make the whole thing perfect, and then to learn that those went to vain. And in SEO that happens due to a change in the algorithm. As a result your site may drop 100 positions down.


No permanent rules

Perhaps this will change over time. But for now the rule is that there are no rules. Or maybe at least not written ones. You can effort very hard and follow the whole thing that looks like a rule. Yet, you may fail if they search engine updates their algorithm meanwhile.



Benefits of SEO Jobs Part 2

Here we continue with the rest of Benefits of SEO Jobs Part 1 :


  • Web–Designing may not be enough

Many organizations offer turn–key solutions that contain Web design, Web development & SEO optimization. Actually, many companies expect that when they hire someone to make their site, the site will be SEO optimized. So if you are skilled both as a designer and a SEO specialist, you will earn two times as u usually do.

  • Good step ahead if you come from advertising or marketing

The Web has improved the way businesses grew. So, today’s marketers and advertisers need to have as a minimum of SEO knowledge if they want to be successful. SEO is also a great profession for multilingual persons.


  • Lots of Learning

You might feel that you will downgrade if you as SEO professional. But if you are a capable worker, don’t worry so much because you can learn a lot from SEO. You are not downgrading, but you are actually upgrading your expertise packages.


And finally, if you need some more evidence that SEO jobs is a great career, then have a look at the available SEO programs and exams for SEO specialists. And they really help to institutionalize the SEO profession. So if you are still hesitating about SEO career then don’t anymore! Because, “On a wide scale, I see SEO becoming a standardized marketing method. It’s the same way TV, radio, and print are usually thought of as marketing strategies.”- Just like Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager of Bing said.