2 strategies for the Keyword-Driven content writers

2 strategies for the Keyword-Driven content writers

Yes, it used to be true that keyword stuffing once helped pages get higher rank even if the content wasn’t that good. It’s a really common misinterpretation that SEO and content marketing are two mutually exclusive business strategies. Actually they are not.

Now this scenario has been changed. Search algorithms now offers the appreciated content that people are searching for — which is the chief objective of content marketing.

  1. Distinguish the keywords that are searched the most

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner- can be a great help for searching the most relevant keyword.  Now you have to consider what are your audiences searching for and what their intentions that rely behind those searches are.

Try to find out their specific needs and concerns. This can be your target to find your keyword as well as the content can be written based on that. Dig deeper to find out what people are typing to search their desired concerns.

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  1. Consider the human component

Select the keywords that don’t target wrong audiences. So as a content writer you want the search result to be relevant. If wrong audiences are targeted it will lead them to the search engine again. So, targeted population should be relevant with the content.

These two methods are famous among content writers for a long time, so whats your opinion? Let us know

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