2 major tips for SEO writing

2 major tips for SEO writing

Here are two tips for improving your SEO writing:

  • One must choose a good keyword for the content that will lead to a success. The post will be shown up depending on the keyword. If the blog is about cat food then we will need to choose a keyword that people are actually searching for. Google keyword planner is a great help for this type of situations. It is a free tool that will show you an estimate for any search term. For example, ‘small dog toys’ gets 590 monthly searches- higher than any other related combination words. However, we must need to research also to start writing on this topic.

SEO Writing

  • After selecting the perfect keyword, my next action would be to go for some research works. We will need to go incognito for that. Just go in your private browsing on your web browser and write Google.com. We are going incognito to make sure that Google don’t use our past search history to influence what we see on the search result. Take a glance on all the contents on page one of Google, other than any ad results on top. The 1st 10 are your competition. Now you are ready to go further for your web content build up.

Before writing any content one must go through two important things. Picking a good keyword to focus on and researching the competition in Google. Checking these two matters will help ranking the SEO writing higher in Google.


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